Why SendingStone

How is SendingStone different?

SendingStone is video conferencing with a built-in virtual tabletop—not the other way around. There are many virtual tabletops and whiteboards out there, and several options for voice and video chat—but few that do both.

SendingStone aims to be a simple and immersive alternative to all-in-one platforms like Roll20 and Whereby for playing tabletop roleplaying games online.

The SendingStone Manifesto

We believe the heart and soul of TTRPGs (tabletop roleplaying games) is not the TT part, but the RP part. We don't spend the majority of our time playing TTRPGs IRL by staring at a table—we spend it engaged in collaborative storytelling with our friends. Critical Role spends on average just 45 minutes per 4 hour session in an encounter—and that doesn't even consider encounter time spent in theater of the mind.

Above: Friends playing D&D interacting with each other
Below: Adversaries interacting with a tabletop

TTRPGs also tend to be more enjoyable when the game master doesn't railroad their players and leans into improv even when it drags into unknown territories. In fact, it’s been studied that over-preparing for a game can be just as bad, if not worse, than under-preparing. Some of the best games we've run involve chasing players' wacky ideas into unexpected directions where only a quick scribble of dry erase markers and random minis are available to visualize.

So why then do most tools to play TTRPGs online think players need elaborate tabletops with an abundance of features and advanced customization? Why is video conferencing, ambiance, and roleplaying treated as an afterthought? It shouldn’t be.

SendingStone thinks different. We want to put the RP back in online TTRPGs by providing video conferencing worthy of fantasy roleplaying supplemented by a simple virtual tabletop. SendingStone cares about the things that make roleplaying and collaborative storytelling feel magical.

If you care too then sign up or open a free trial room and give SendingStone a try. We want to hear what you think at hello@sendingstone.com

SendingStone principles

  • Beginner friendly
  • Accessible and frictionless for players
  • Ambiance and roleplaying forward
  • Flexible for most but optimized for D&D
  • Empower improv
  • Less but better
  • Aesthetics matter