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Play tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons with your friends online.

SendingStone provides an immersive video conferencing experience worthy of fantasy role-playing.

One web-app to rule them all

  • No downloads.
  • No player login walls.
  • No more patchwork of apps.
SendingStone brings together all the features you need to play tabletop role-playing games online in one simple browser-based app.
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Play Experience tabletop role-playing games online

SendingStone gives a complete set of tools to immerse parties into virtual worlds.

  • Elf AR face mask
    AR face masks

    Become an elven mage with the click of a button using built-in AR masks that use face-tracking to transform players into the character of their choice.

  • Screenshot of audio player
    Audio ambience

    Full control of audio mixing with the ability to play a single bard’s ballad, or overlay multiple tracks of rain storms, creature sounds, and battle drums.

  • Fairy forest backdrop
    Multi-dimensional backdrops

    The game master has the ability to control visually compelling backdrops at any time as their party adventures into a magical forest, snowy winter, or creepy night fall.

  • Screenshot of tabletop
    Built-in tabletop

    SendingStone has a simple real-time multiplayer tabletop. Tokens, pencils, shapes, images, videos, notes, live cursors, rulers, and more make switching from role-play to encounters frictionless.

  • Screenshare of a fairy
    Seamless screen-share

    Have a picture of your home-brewed fantasy creature or a custom world map to show your party? Share your screen at any point during your game without breaking the party’s immersion.

  • Screenshot of chat feature
    Maintain the table’s voice

    Avoid the classic cross-talk and background noise from video conferencing with the game master’s ability to mute players, or keep the conversation quietly going through live group chat.

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SendingStone makes it easy to start a game:
  • Step 1.Click a button to become the game master.
  • Step 2.Share the URL to gather your party.
  • Step 3.There’s no step 3—venture forth!
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