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Locate Animals or Plants - DnD 5e stats

Locate Animals or Plants

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Classes: Bard, Druid, Ranger
  • Components: V S M
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Level: 2
  • Material: A bit of fur from a bloodhound
  • Name: Locate Animals or Plants
  • Range: Self
  • Ritual: Yes
  • School: Divination
  • Target: Self

Describe or name a specific kind of beast or plant. Concentrating on the voice of nature in your surroundings, you learn the direction and distance to the closest creature or plant of that kind within 5 miles, if any are present.

The SendingStone review

The Locate Animals or Plants spell is a useful tool for those in the Bard, Druid, or Ranger classes. With a casting time of one action and instantaneous duration, it allows the caster to locate either animals or plants within a specific area. The material component needed is a bit of fur from a bloodhound. Overall, this spell can aid in tracking down specific animal or plant species, making it a valuable addition to the toolkit of those who work closely with nature.

Locate Animals or Plants is D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) 5th edition content, but other TTRPGs may have their own version such as a Locate Animals or Plants Pathfinder edition. Want to use Locate Animals or Plants in a VTT (virtual tabletop)? Try out SendingStone for free today!

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