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Greater Invisibility - DnD 5e stats

Greater Invisibility

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Classes: Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard
  • Components: V S
  • Concentration: Yes
  • Duration: Up to 1 minute
  • Level: 4
  • Name: Greater Invisibility
  • Range: Touch
  • School: Illusion
  • Target: You or a creature you touch

You or a creature you touch becomes invisible until the spell ends. Anything the target is wearing or carrying is invisible as long as it is on the target's person.

The SendingStone review

Greater Invisibility is a 4th level spell that allows a character to become invisible for up to one minute. While the spell requires concentration, the benefits of being invisible are significant: a character can move through spaces without being detected by enemies and can even take actions like attacking or casting spells without breaking the invisibility. However, using Greater Invisibility requires careful planning as it cannot be cast while another concentration spell is active, and it is only available to bards, sorcerers, and wizards who have reached a high enough level. Nevertheless, for characters who can use it, Greater Invisibility provides a powerful tool for staying alive and damaging enemy forces.

Greater Invisibility is D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) 5th edition content, but other TTRPGs may have their own version such as a Greater Invisibility Pathfinder edition. Want to use Greater Invisibility in a VTT (virtual tabletop)? Try out SendingStone for free today!

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