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Hither Thither Staff - D&D 5e Item

Hither-Thither Staff

Staff, legendary

This walking stick has a gemstone at the top and can hold 4 charges, which recharge by 1d4 at dawn.

By using 1 charge, you can create two linked teleportation portals on flat surfaces within 1,500 feet. You can also move or relocate the portals with 1 charge. Each portal is a glowing oval ring, creating a doorway 6 feet in diameter. Anything entering one portal comes out from the other, as if they were connected.

The portals can appear on moving surfaces but stop working if they are more than 1 mile apart. You can close or suppress one portal as a bonus action while holding the staff. The portals last for 24 hours.

This item was invented by the movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

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