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Air Bubble - D&D 5e Spell

Air Bubble

2nd-Level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: Somatic
Duration: 24 hours

You create a spectral globe around the head of a willing creature you can see within range. The globe is filled with fresh air that lasts until the spell ends. If the creature has more than one head, the globe of air appears around only one of its heads (which is all the creature needs to avoid suffocation, assuming that all its heads share the same respiratory system).

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you can create two additional globes of fresh air for each slot level above 2nd.

Spell Lists. Artificer, Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard
Source: Spelljammer: Adventures in Space - Astral Adventurer's Guide


  • Suffocation - A character can hold their breath for a number of minutes equal to 1 + their Constitution modifier (minimum of 30 seconds). After this time, they begin to suffocate. At the start of their next turn, they must either breathe or fall unconscious if they have no air to breathe.
  • Somatic - Spells with a somatic component require the caster to make specific hand gestures during the casting process. To perform somatic components, the caster must have at least one hand free and able to move. However, a spellcasting focus or a component pouch can serve as a substitute for any somatic components that do not have a cost specified or are consumed by the spell.

The SendingStone opinion

Air Bubble is situationally useful, particularly in a Spelljammer campaign, where it helps avoid suffocation in Wildspace. Its usefulness depends on the nature of the campaign, so it may be skipped if not relevant. Coordinating with party members is recommended, and casting it once at fourth level should suffice for most parties. Compared to Water Breathing, Air Bubble has advantages such as being lower level, having a longer range, and not requiring verbal or material components. However, Water Breathing can be cast as a ritual and affects more recipients in a single use. Both spells compete for the attention of players as they are used by the same number of classes.

What the internet says

Air Bubble Helps Characters Survive Space's Vacuum

Spelljammers, creatures, and even some objects create air envelopes when in Wildspace. Unfortunately, this is a finite resource. For medium creatures, their air pockets are so small that if one does not immediately board a Spelljammer, space station, or other air-producing location, they will quickly suffocate…

10 Best Spells And Magic Items Added In D&D 5e's Spelljammer Setting

Air Bubble is a second-level conjuration spell available to Artificers, Druids, Rangers, Sorcerers, and Wizards.

As the name of the spell would suggest, Air Bubble creates a personal bubble of air around the head of a single target creature, providing fresh oxygen for the spell's 24 hours. This spell has a lot in common with the third-level spell, Water Breathing, as each can reliably be used to allow a creature to breathe underwater for 24 hours without requiring concentration…

Dungeons & Dragons: The New Spells Of Spelljammer Explained

Is Air Bubble Worth Learning?

Air bubble is situationally useful, especially during a Spelljammer campaign. It is a useful tool for avoiding the suffocation condition in wildspace, so the extent of its usefulness will depend on the nature of your campaign. Planning extensive swashbuckling in the skies? It’s not a bad idea to have this prepared. Otherwise, you can skip it. It is probably wise to coordinate with party members on this spell, as casting it once at fourth level should cover most parties for a full 24 hours. Since it is not concentration, there is likely no need for multiple members to have it prepared…

Air Bubble 5e | 2nd Level Conjuration Spell

Which Spell Is More Useful - Air Bubble Or Water Breathing?

In terms of advantages, air bubble is lower level, has a longer range, doesn't require verbal/material components, and is effective against multiple hazards that can prevent a character from being able to breathe. The water breathing spell can be cast as a ritual, allowing characters to cast it without burning a spell slot, and it affects way more recipients with a single use. They are both used by the same number of classes, so they are competing for the same player's attention…

D&D Spelljammer: Air Bubble Vs. Water Breathing - Which Is Better?

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